I'm Lukas

I love to create cool web stuff!


Happy UI

Designing User Interfaces is a great part of web developing. You need to think like the user and understand the needs that one might have. Only then you can achieve a WOW.

Powerful backend

What comes out can be the greatest thing but it will still be the worst without a great performing backend that stays behind of it. Optimizing backend structures to make the web experience faster is an important process in web developing.

Super fast agile

When working on a big project, requirements and changes can appear during the development process and the testing phase. When working together, we need to put loops in. We collect ideas, develop, reconsider and loop through again. But never lose focus on the main tasks as they need to be finished in time.

I am the
tech freak

I am Lukas Martin Wojcik, a twenty eight year old web developer from Vienna, Austria. Starting at an early age with simple HTML pages back in the end of the 90s I've acquired big knowledge about how things are working in the web only by self-educating myself.

I am passionate about creating great user experiences and useful web applications. User interaction stays always in the foreground, not forgetting about performance. My most important success indicators are satisfied users and clients I work with.

What it takes
to do the job

Every project is different. To get out the most of every idea, I must go through a huge conception procedure.

Once, the requirements for the functionality are clear, I need to get to know the face of the project. The initial design makes the vision of the idea clearer. It also helps to invent structures and user interfaces. What comes then, well let me don't bore you with the coding details, but from experience, there always MUST be a testing phase. Without hard testing you'll go blind and run into problems that you don't want to come up in a production environment.









My Projects



Live Stats and Counters


Free live website statistics, real-time analytics and counters!

Stats4U is a free online service that allows you to put a stats counter on your web page. You can pick from hundrets of styles and even an invisible counter. Your Stats4U Counter comes with live statistics on your personal stats page.

With Geo Tagging! See our live globe and convince yourself! Furthermore check out our Mouse Tracker to see the mouse movements of your visitors. Our service can provide you with daily / monthly and yearly reports of your visitors on your sites!

Visit Stats4U


Web Development specialist


Get big insights about web development in our blog and work with us!

aleedy offers specialized web development support and can provide you with the next wow-website for your business.

Working with aleedy is fun: Log in into your customer base and throw us your wishes - we "respond" very very very quickly - and in most cases "respond" means that we deliver exactly what you want.

Visit aleedy


Get and send anonymous E-Mail's


Get and send anonymous E-Mail's as much as you want!

getSend enables you to receive E-Mails completely anonymously simply by providing E-Mail addresses that you can set up in one second.

The same E-Mail address can be used to send E-Mails out anonymously too. Attachments and many other features included! You can also set up a forwarding to your own E-Mail address from your anonymous getSend E-Mail address completely free.

Visit getSend


Pagerank and Alexa History


Check the pagerank of web sites back in history!

PR-History has a huge Database of current and history Pagerank values of nearly all domains. Looking up your domains is completly for free.

You can also subscribe to be notified when your pagerank or Alexa rank has changed.

Visit PR-History


Photo shooting contests


Visit the photo island!

Shotination is the photo island for professional photographers. It offers many competitions in many different topics. The price is the fame on the island.

Visit Shotination


Minifiy JavaScript


Save bandwidth and traffic using JSMinOnline

JSMinOnline allows you to minify your JavaScript code. This has many benefits, you can increase the speed of your website and create a better user experience.

Visit JSMinOnline


Website monitoring and surveillance


Monitor the uptime status of your web site!

Monitoring4U checks permantly if your website is online and how long it takes to download your site. You can set up e-mail and SMS notifications.

This service also offers PDF reporting with breakdowns of the connection steps which are needed to download your page.

Visit Monitoring4U


Play 4-Inline online


Play 4-Inline online

Play the popular 4-inline game online right in your browser. You can play in a hot seat, in singleplayer against our intelligent bot or pick a player in the chat room.

Visit 4-Inline

Extesizer 2

Artist Page Version 2


Extesizer 2 - Artist Page Version 2

Extesizer official homepage from 2010-2012.

Visit Extesizer2

Extesizer 1

Artist Page Version 1


Extesizer 1 - Artist Page Version 1

Extesizer official homepage from 2008-2010.

Visit Extesizer


Read books online


Probably the first interactive book portal where you were able to write a book online.

Visit LukyBooks

Luky.cc Network



The Luky.cc Network

The Luky.cc Network was a network connecting all services provided by me.

Visit Luky.cc

My Server Load

Say hello!

I'm happy about any type of input, whether you want to work together or just want to throw me some feedback I would be very grateful.

I am also specialized in projects that require custom conception and coding. Together, we can bring your idea to live. Starting with the idea, we can work together step by step remotely or hold workshop meetings to clarify the requirements that will lead to your successful online business.

Write to me:
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